She is necessary to attempt against for the fact of that a school amount is that of the account, in fact, of all the Brazilian children, conceived in its concrete reality. It is interesting as educators react to the question innovation who say respect to the traditional methodology of application of tests and periodic note attribution/concept. The educators, in general, argue very as to make the evaluation and suggest methodologies diverse, before, however, to truily understand the direction of the evaluation in the school. But, without you doubt, this is not a behavior only of the professors, because all society comes the same if revealing in direction, that is, reacting when it is said in abolishing the traditional system of accomplishment periodically deprovas obligator and note attribution and concepts, basically as a security net that if constitutes without reflecting accurately why. It has much Hoffmann all investigates the meaning of the evaluation between the educandos and educators of Brazil. The configuration of the myth is clear and consistent. When it is questioned on the possibility to eliminate the evaluation of the school, has innumerable and enthusiastic adepts of this hypothesis. The question is that it forms such teacher comes interpreting, in its daily one, considered of automatic promotion? In recent years they had appeared as programs of government, in Brazilian states, proposals of automatic promotion for basic education, in reply, exactly, the serious constatao of evasion indices and repetncia in the public school.

Countries as Italy, France, and Germany, comes pursuing such principles (of automatic promotion, to diminish the index of evasion and repetncia) has many years, practically zeroing indices of repetncia and illiteracy from such intentions. The meaning of the evaluation in the school reaches a precise meaning and including, very different of the direction observed only in programmed situations. It is natural, therefore, that the governing, the parents, the proper pupils, resist the innovations in this direction, because them they seem abandonment proposals.