A life waiting for my Stud – a life for the horses as well as the training and horse care in my Stud for the horses”lots of strategic decisions on the player. Their task is to shine a dilapidated farm in new splendour. Actively, they go and get to work. After they renovate the barn, the riding Hall and the guest house where visitors can be accommodated. With them the, which immediately be plugged into the construction of a new breeding stable earnings. A short time later sweet foal circling on the pasture.

Trusted buyers can sell to them, they will lunge and trained to promising future champions. In addition to their large use on the farm, time remains the young Stud owners for their private pleasure. Prefer they spend their leisure time in the saddle. At lightning speed, it therefore goes beyond the nature where they recharge with rollicking rides and dared enjoy togetherness with her horse to the fullest. The Nintendo DS bundle 2 in 1: my Stud + my Stud – a life for the horses “is available now for 29.99 euros in trading.

Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi are trademarks of Nintendo. 2009 Nintendo. TREVA entertainment: TREVA Entertainment GmbH 2006 opened today’s business operations. Current issues for children, adolescents, young adults and families in the segments of console and PC games and online and mobile games are published. “” At the heart of the portfolio are the games of the internationally established, own series labels horse & pony”, ANIKIDS” classics to go “and J4G JUST FOR GIRLS”. But also stand alone titles like just SING! “, the world’s first karaoke game for Nintendo DSi, or dance!” It’s your stage”in cooperation with Detlef D! Samuel belong to the core business of TREVA.