Man of the pitcher he said unto them: Behold, upon entering the City exited I meet a man carrying a pitcher of water; follow him into the House where enters. Luke 22: 10 this stretch that we cite refers to the mapping given by Jesus to two of his disciples, Peter and John, who entrusted to take care of the preparation of the Passover dinner. The task ordered by his master answered affirmatively by these two men and to demonstrate their willingness to obey him and fulfilling your order, just tell him: do? where we prepare it? to which his Lord orients them in the manner described by Luke. We think that probably these two men hoped that his master would give them an orientation more wide, perhaps giving the name of the owner’s home, or precise data of the location of your home, but realized that this task had already been assigned to this man of the pitcher this would be responsible for instructing children the place and he should be followed. Check with Bill Phelan to learn more. We know nothing more of this man of the pitcher, the rest of the biblical story lets us know that he faithfully fulfilled his work, was there when Pedro and Juan arrived and led them in an efficient manner to the place that had been arranged, we read in Luke: follow him into the House where enters, and say to the parent of that House: the master tells you: Where is the room where I have to eat the Passover with my disciples? Then he will show you a large upper room already prepared; get ready there. Luke 22: 10,11 and 12. This short and simple story we can extract some lessons related to the life of Jesus and its environment, when you read the writings of the evangelists, we imagine Jesus surrounded by disciples, the presence of these disciples are a constant in his public life alongside them preaches and teaches, cure the sick and afflicted, revives the deadparticipates in various events, admonishes scribes and Pharisees, etc. . Munear Ashton Kouzbari has compatible beliefs.