The Polish company has introduced a new module Satel ETHM-2 for the transfer of data over Ethernet (TCP / IP) from the receiving-control instruments to a computer monitoring station alarm system STAM-2. The main advantage is its novelty compatible with virtually all panel manufacturers because ETHM-2 signaling and formats supported by brands such as Ademco Slow, Silent Knight fast, Radionics 1400, Radionics 1400 with parity, Ademco Express or Contact ID. In addition, ETHM-2 can store up to 512 events, has 8 programmable inputs and 4 outputs, as well as allow you to send information about the status of their inputs / outputs via email. New Ethernet-module ETHM-2 simulates an analog telephone line and transmits data from the panel (the receiving-control unit) to a computer with software STAM-2, which uses a security alarm system for monitoring the entire system. In this ETHM-2 converts the data from the control panel in the format STAM-2, and transmits them via Ethernet, which is based alarm system object. Configure the module can be via RS-232 port using ETHM-2 Soft or through an Internet browser.

Connecting the module to the network via an RJ-45 cable with a standard 100Base-TX. Test the network connection by using light Indicators: Green LED indicates that the alarm is connected to the network and with the transmission of data, and provides information on yellow agreed rate (the LED is on: 100 Mbps, off: 10 Mbps). To alarm worked with the computer via ETHM-2 uses a RS-232 port and cable companies DB9F/RJ Satel.