Such work is under force is not for everyone. Well, when next there is a reliable assistant, a specialist in dealing with emotions and feelings that will help at any stage, will support, teach effective collaboration with their feelings. The vast majority of people are sure that there is "good" emotions, which are usually pleasant and express. And there are "bad" emotions that must be hidden, others are condemned. Moreover, there are "bad" emotions such as anger, which can lead to destruction. It is better to hide away or have not at all. Unfortunately, this is impossible. The more a person tries to hide or suppress the "bad" feelings and emotions, the sudden and serious may be their outburst, which again confirms their "badness." All emotions are important and useful (not all enjoyable – it's true!) Each of these signals on a specific process that occurs within and requires attention.

Anxious and careful attention to his inner world – the basis of a healthy environment. It is important not only read and understand the message of the soul, but also to express it in some way to act, to change something in his or her behavior around him. It's time to learn how to manage their emotions and feelings! For a start, learn to understand what we feel. And this is important to determine how well we call this or that experience. For example, joy is different from pleasure: joy: includes social and spiritual component, the spectrum of sensations is strictly limited and clear, is experienced as a sense of energy and strength. Pleasure: it is often in conflict with accepted standards of social, can be tested in the presence of different and diametrically opposite emotions: joy, sadness, fear and t.d.mozhet experienced as a relaxed state. A shame – of guilt: shame: the basis of – condemnation from outside, shame may be separate from the guilt, shame, the reason is always clear.

Wine: the basis of – condemnation of himself, and wine is often closely associated with shame, guilt often cause hidden and neosoznavaema. And so on. You, as a leader, not only to manage their business, production, and their feelings and emotions. Is it Can you? Can you control your emotions subordinate to their cause? Can you manage the feelings and emotions of their subordinates? What you say about the emotions of business partners? If these questions cause you difficulties or they are not clear, you've little zadeystvuete his knowledge of himself and people. It can be learned at the training on management of inland states, engage with the psychologist, either individually or learn independently. You learn to listen to yourself, your feelings and emotions, understand them and to express, that is to produce energy flow outward, socially acceptable manner, ie, without causing harm to others and relations with them. This is the management of their emotions. And then life brings you more joy and pleasure. When you know how to recognize and understand their emotions, manage your understanding of other people is much more efficient. So, it is possible to change the behavior drugih.Vy less likely to make more informed manipulyatsiyamVy resheniyVy better understand the causes of behavior drugihVy choose suitable management techniques, do not waste power to overcome resistance. Therefore, they say that managing others begins with managing their emotions.