The constant question that I ask, as probably make many of you do, about the personal financial situation and the country is: What do the developed countries to generate wealth, to have higher incomes, better development opportunities, better housing, etc. Mexico is a country with favorable land area, abundant natural resources and neighbor of the world power. This has not been enough to improve the lifestyles of its inhabitants. Without entering into criticisms of the government or bad citizens, I will focus on a theme called the “Ten Commandments of Development.”

The attitude of people is the global variable that can make the difference between one country and another, between poverty and wealth. Of course, this does not mean that rich countries are happier people. Quality of life studies illustrate that non-EU powers like China or Japan or those with a level of quality of life increased, but higher levels are found in countries like Ireland. Despite this contradiction, if poverty is directly linked to the impossibility of satisfaction of basic needs even in the less developed countries.

Returning to our primary endpoint, the ten attitudes that are seen in developed countries people Delos are: Timeliness Cleanliness Order Wish overcoming Responsibility Honesty Respect for the rights of others Respect for the law and regulations Afan Love to work by saving and investment. Apply these ten attitudes is an imminent challenge to be faced in poor countries, some of these, can be learned in school, making education a fundamental support of human development. We can begin however, the media exploiting non-personal, sharing ideas, information, suggestions, as I share with you today. It would be great to commit, but to live with these ten attitudes every day, at least, or at least working every day to achieve them one by one.