‘ Soft water in hard rock Certainly you already have read or listened to this saying and will be capable to complete it. However, he will be that water will only pierce the rock? Or will happen more something, inexplicable? It is what we will go to describe. Before starting to answer the investigations above, we go to remember that the water has its formulates chemistry H2O, two molecules of on hydrogen to an oxygen molecule. It is the constituent greater of the planet Land, about 70% of the total. However, only about 3% it is candy, that is, proper for the consumption. Analogicalally, this amount still can be compared the three heads of untied pins in the Maracan or, these untied heads exactly in the Sea. Until we think, that absurd comparison! But it is the reality.

Of these 3% of water candy, Brazil are privileged for having the biggest reserves, as for example, the Amaznia. From there, Brazilian we soon think: Oba! Agent can make ‘ ‘ carnaval’ ‘ with water! We go to spend, we have much! Deceit, a great deceit. First, we must remember that the water is a good of the humanity, and second, water is not a good that if it renews. Caution, much caution. You must you are if asking: cad the soft water in the hard rock? Or what this everything has to have with the saying? We go to continue saying more a little on this resource and you it will see that it has everything to have. Then, we know that the water is not only used for the human consumption.

She is used for energy generation, in agriculture, the industry, the leisure and tourism, at last, the water is a resource with immense utility. It is so important that we can compare this relation with that music ‘ ‘ Cheek without Claudinho’ ‘ or still, ‘ ‘ the moon without sol’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ the fish without gua’ ‘. Without more delays, we go what it interests. We go to complete the saying: soft water in hard rock Ah! We go to change the end? That such: soft water in hard rock, as much beats that it finishes the water. there? Perhaps either reason of laughs. However, we must reflect to make a relation of this saying to the scarcity of this so precious good. The water will pierce the rock exactly, will pierce as much that will disappear and lead obtains the beings livings creature. we are in this also. In the moving one, we go to join forces to fight against the bad use of this good. Using the amount that he needs and not poluindo. Therefore when we waste something or some thing, we are playing outside, and when he plays yourself outside, or early or later it will be necessary lack. This will happen with the water, will make a imensurvel lack. then, made use to change history of the beings livings creature in the Land? As already Plato said: ‘ ‘ the gold has much value and little utility, compared with the water, that is the thing most useful of the world and they do not give valor’ to them; ‘. Water is life. That value we are giving it? We go to prevent stops later not attenuating, therefore, we will not have time not even to attenuate. We go to act.