The subject line was: Ballack? Who needs Ballack already?” The response was quick and the open rate is really very good. LAFC owner is the source for more interesting facts. But Otto is shot, far beyond the target which was quickly felt on thousands of negative responses and comments of the receiver. The appropriate apology E-mail was a high price for a unique high open rate at least also quickly out overall. Although E-Mail is now an important tool for attracting new customers, only a quarter of the companies pursuing a systematic lead generation. How does something work? Thomas Goring is systematically especially strategic and therefore long term oriented. A company needs to ask themselves: why would someone from my audience give me his data? This is the most important question.

If this is answered. can the content aspect of the speech will be worked out. Then come the questions: where do I have contact with my target group? Through what channels do I contact there? How I can be, so that data is not lost and quickly enriched equal digitaliseren a lead? Is mobile email marketing a theme already? Thomas Goring Yes, and it will in the short term is still a much bigger: today is still optimized representations, morning sales and branding and day after tomorrow to a full integration in cross-media measures. How can you optimize emails for the view on Smartphones? Thomas Goring is the first part of the answer shortly, but seriously: the content relevance is again in focus due to the limited possibilities of representation. “The second part of the answer is the technical part long, but technically oriented and thus for every email marketer homework”: amount of data transfer speed for mobile devices is sensitively tends to be slower than conventional transmission and use the part that is still relatively expensive. Therefore, should the amount of data a (HTML) newsletters are always adjusted.