Write a post about how to use the product for their benefit. Promote the product subtly and give alternatives, in this way if they do not buy that your you suggest, is expected to be other than you mention instead of going to another place to find one. Allow new references to that entry (message, post, twit), everytime someone asks you about Twitter or when speaking of Twitter in another post. That he did not believe it was so simple? It really is, so many people think that there is any secret to earn money from blogs, but all you have to do is to obtain economic benefits from value. Day 11: Addition of recommended products / become an affiliate agreement, this is day 9-related, but I thought that include some additional resources, especially if you are struggling to find offers to promote affiliate products.

You know that I am surprised at the number of people who have started a blog with the idea of making money with him completely without investigating to what extent will be getting money. Do not start a blog for fun and profit unless you first consider how you will monetize your site. You may not know all the places, but I’ll make some suggestions where the majority of the people began with the marketing of products from affiliate. ClickBank.com Amazon.com Ebay.com Google Adsense I love Clickbank because commissions are decent 50% in normal conditions and is possible up to 75%.In addition, you can create your own product to sell on Clickbank and affiliate Clickbank army can promote for you. Note the only one to seriously consider these days is CLICKBANK but if you are in a niche where he obtained a large number of visitors and it is difficult to obtain economic benefits, GOOGLE ADSENSE is an option to consider. Of course, it is much better if you have your own unique product to offer, or more specific offerings for your niche can be found.The more specific is the tender, better conversion, so it is worth seeking some special products to recommend.