This, however is expected that soybeans continue expanding, but limiting the negative effect that can have your growth in Uruguayan land. But Uruguay not only seeks to take advantage of what is happening with the international prices of food in what refers to soybeans. It is also growing strong in the meat sector. So far in 2008, as published by the Uruguayan newspaper the observer in Montevideo, meat exports grew by 58%. In this case worth clarifying that the strong growth of exports of meat is largely due to the increase in prices (which in the first five months of the year increased 60%), while in what refers to the variation in quantities, the same recorded so far an increase of 4%. Although the increase in the quantities exported meat may be low, the perspectives which open for the sector, which has steadily risen well-known his profitability, with the increase of prices, are more than auspicious. I tried the Uruguayan asado attest the quality of their meat, so I have no doubt the growth potential they have.

The Uruguayan Government It is conducting an extensive campaign of promotion of beef and in these moments is promoting at expo Zaragoza (an exhibition which will last three months), with the aim of achieving greater penetration in the European market. Also on the market of sheep meat, Uruguay wants to continue growing. On his trip to Mexico, the Uruguayan President, Tabare Vazquez, managed to open the Mexican market to Uruguayan ovine meat. Adnmundo, collected in this respect the opinion of the Uruguayan Ambassador to Mexico Jose Korzeniak: Mexico is a market which imports 40% of beef which consumes and 56% of the ovine meat consumed. For that reason, we understand that it is an interesting market for our sheep meat. To close and, if investment in the sector food aren’t them interest, want to comment was yesterday announced the discovery of natural gas deposits in the continental shelf, while the Uruguayan Government estimated that the existence of oil in the sea is highly likely territorial opposite the resort of Punta del Este and about 100 kilometres of the coast. The President of the Ancap, Raul Sendic, the Uruguayan company that made the discovery, with more moderation said: the interpretation which we have already available shows that we have accumulations of natural gas in several areas of the platform while we can still determine whether or not petroleum, which is what really interests us. You can still not be estimated accurately the magnitude of the discovery, but the Uruguayan authorities have the hope to help them alleviate the external dependency that the country has. But in addition, Sendic said that the Uruguayan Government is contacting international companies to sell the information and make a call to interested in exploring the area since the mid of next year.