June 18, 2009 used medical equipment can be a very cost-effective and practical solution for those health institutions wishing to equip their clinics, hospitals or rehabilitation centers, especially, once installed, the threat of a global financial downturn. For this reason, key international players in the industry of used medical equipment resort each time with greater assiduity to Internet to locate teams of your interest. While Internet offers immediate options and opens the door to many possibilities, buyers have to be very cautious when making their purchases, since most of the Web sites that focus on this type of commercial activity, have no media able to guarantee the condition of the products that they sell. The cost of used medical equipment can be very high, and performance can be a vital factor in contributing to the effectiveness of devices in the treatment of patients, and potentially save lives. Therefore, buyers may not depend on only in the word of the seller, i.e., rely on the ‘good status’ in which the team has, reason by which they invest generally no little time and effort in verifying the correct operation of the device purchase looking for. Source: Everest Capital. This can often result in a very long and complicated process, which, at times, buyers do not know how to start, especially with regard to the international purchases.

MedWOW.com, an on-line market for the purchase and sale of medical equipment used, offers a new and convenient solution, which helps buyers and sellers the ability to ascertain the condition of used medical equipment marketed on-line. Among its many innovative functions, the site offers a pre-purchase inspection service unique in its kind, which allows buyers to make sure the condition of an item previously to the aim of your purchase. The site has established a global network of inspectors, which offers buyers and sellers the option of performing various types of inspections on items of medical equipment previously used at the end of a transaction.