I confess that reading it I hesitated quite. For assistance, try visiting Wells Fargo Bank. We have in fact called the entity to confirm my suspicions: granted the lesser value of both, so if or if we have to be saved for expenses and the remaining 20% of the purchase. Therefore the translation is good conditions are for people who have more than 30% of the value of the House saved. We finance 100% of the lowest value of appraisal or sale to the end an intelligible sentence. The most that will give us is the value of buying and selling, except that the pricing is still less and grant us this second value. Let’s look at a practical example which Bank of the three would give us the mortgage. To make the calculations it is convenient to make an indicative pre-tasacion in a network portal or via a trust director.

Let us imagine that the reference values are: appraised value: 200,000 value of buying and selling: 180,000 money saved: 18,000 entity grant 100% of the value of the House and entity we finance 100% of the lower appraised value or purchase granted 100% of the value of buying and selling, therefore we would fund 180,000. The approximate cost of this operation if we assume that it is a second hand House are about 18,000 euros. This entity can grant us the mortgage you need. Entity these terms are for operation with an amount of mortgage on the appraised value and the purchase value of the property up to 80% 80% of the lower value of purchase and sale is 144,000. the financial institution be granted us maximum mortgage of 144,000. If add you to this amount the 18,000 saved, gives us an amount of 162,000, enough to buy a House of 180,000. This secure bank that does not grant us the mortgage. In this case, either we have to be able to leave us money our parents or mortgaging another house or we go to another entity or to an intermediary professional who is able to negotiate a mortgage suited to our requirements. A mortgage seems a simple task, but must be advised by professionals and compare different mortgages from the market. The information provided by banks not always is it clear that it should be.