Typical installation of the complex is less than an hour, and, if necessary, TKB-monitoring can be represented as a system of accounting for traffic. In order to guide the organization was confident in the accuracy and timeliness of the data provided by the system, access to the content server and web interface can be restricted to the it department. An important advantage of the solution "TCB-monitoring" is that the system has been developed by Russian specialists, because of this it is more suited to Russian realities of doing business, both in terms of organizational work, and from the standpoint of linguistic analysis. Backing up all data and information storage scalability. After analysis information is stored in a highly scalable repository.

Because of this it is possible to analyze data stored in the archive, using the full-text search for messages with enough capabilities, such as: 'Sender' and 'receiving' messages; The channel through which to communicate; The message type, as well as linguistic analysis of the content. Tight integration with enterprise systems. Complex "TKB-monitoring provides an opportunity for closer integration with enterprise systems as system access control systems (ACS) and telephony. This integration allows you to combine 'on a single screen' statistics office visits, telephone and network communications, and use this information to cross-sectional analysis. Brief description of product features functional complex "TCB-monitoring" consists of three main components: Monitoring information flow network and workstation activity personnel; Logging information received; Analysis and visualization of information for decision making.

Monitoring information flows and activities workstations monitoring function is implemented in two ways: 1.Setevye filters 2.Programmy-agents in the workplace users. Information that comes from these sources passes the primary analysis and after falls in the repository as a record of the event. The current version of "TKB-monitoring" can recognize in the data stream following events: Web Activity: Visiting the site; Search work; Search engines. Communications: Blogs; Social networks; Dating; Corporate mail; Web Mail; Instant messaging; Sending sms. Activity on the computer: The total computer time; Real user activity on your computer; Run applications, the classification of applications into groups (office, games, etc.); Hours Application User; Copying files to external media; Snapshots user's screen.