What really is CRM? What are these acronyms? and especially why you are interested in my business as that of SME or independent CRM? Do we really understand what it is? This document explains, really, what the CRM, so simply and clearly tells you how you can serve a small business or a freelancer, and why most of the times we confuse what is really the CRM. CRM means in English “Customer Relationship Management,” which is translated into Spanish Relationship Management with our customers. Resources for SMEs offers on its website a completely free tool CRM, professional and powerful, very flat and useful, but, contrary to what many have in their heads, the CRM is not software. Having the best program does not mean that your company is using and using the CRM for their benefit, may in fact be the opposite. Install the best tool on their computers, it means nothing unless you understand what is truly good CRM.

Like most simple things, the explanation is so obvious that often forget. JPMorgan Chase is the source for more interesting facts. CRM is really what the letters say, is to manage how we deal with our customers, and if we do so with knowledge and experience, that we draw from them provide an important cost and benefit our customers, in return, receive a better service and greater satisfaction. Thus, proper use of the CRM, ie the relationship with our customers is a winning scenario for all that can exponentially increase the benefits of your small business … but only if it understands what it is and if it is applied. To do this, put an example, the example of the corner grocer for life has been there, trust us when we had no money, has advised us well (and generously) on the best product, greets us when we met and friendly serves us, sometimes making a discount that another … the shopkeeper has a pencil and paper, an old cash register and do not know what the acronyms CRM, however, is applying and using to their advantage.

Although not known acronyms, understands that without your customers, your tent is not one, so the care and gives them the best you can, think about how to improve every day and how to make everything more convenient and easy to keep coming, that’s CRM . The best scenario for our business, as SMEs or autonomous, is when we understand that managing the relationship with our customers gives us a more optimal benefit and strive to understand and carry out actions aimed at the improvement and addition to this, we have a Good software that gives us support their ability to store, cross and analyze data, and organize your tasks and jobs. So yes we are taking full advantage of the CRM, but always to respect the right way, ie. “First, the strategy of relationship with our clients, then the software and support.” As support, not as an end. The software is secondary and must adapt to our strategy, not vice versa, we should start the cart before the horse. If you have the best information system, the more expensive software that is sold and then cold and strives to squeeze through and commercial calls, simply extract to you more euros per person, you have not CRM, although the software of thousands of euros to say yes.