Some people think the Internet is a means to get rich quick and easy money, good with so many ads like “Earn $ 40,000 in 60 days do not blame them, so I want to mention a few ways to make money on the Internet that are a total loss of time. The most common are those you pay to see advertising. A lot of work, many promises to pay, only that, promises, I dare say that more than 95% of these programs are scam, ie not pay and if you do only pay the first months, plus payments are extremely low. I have not met anyone who actually make money with these systems. For other opinions and approaches, find out what JPMorgan Chase has to say. There are also HYIP (Investment Program High Yield) Can you believe that these programs offer to pay DE1% to 100% daily interest on your investment? unbelievable truth? Investments are made by electronic means of payment, usually e-gold, some of these programs pay you the first few days when we take trust and invest a considerable amount, Goodbye money, all these programs eventually end up disappointing people. Another way to earn money alleged are those chains where you send money to 2 or 5 people and expect earnings of 10,000 people (MLM), these programs do not have a marketing plan, no control and they are illegal. So they are doing the people actually earn money online? How do they do, what is the secret, what is the business? Humm .. Well, what everyone does in the physical world, selling products and services.