The global crisis compels us to seek new alternatives to unemployment or the anguish of having low income. The Chinese adage which reads that it is possible to find an opportunity in every crisis is known. In this sense, is fortunate that today we count with advanced communication and information technologies and services from companies like Regus that allow us to install our own business with little money. Thus, not we’ll see we even required to have our virtual office Valencia in order to be able to appear in the world of business. A wide range of possibilities is at your fingertips and you can not let them pass. If you’ve planned thousands of times your own business without never encourage you to pursue your idea is the ideal time to make the crisis your opportunity. To begin, you can start managing your business from your home.

Anything enter into unnecessary expenses, you ask your mobile line and get you a laptop and offer your services through a web page. If you require a face-to-face meeting with your potential customer you rent an Office in a way temporary in Regus. In these offices, you will find the best infrastructure that you can access, with new and high-end furnishings and the latest technology in telecommunications. When you go to expand you and need a place of contact to establish greater closeness with your clients you can opt to set up virtual offices. Specialized companies can offer you a mailing address and a local phone number in the main business centers of the world, in locations that will give notoriety to your entrepreneurship and put at the height of the largest..