He became less mistakes, fuss and a lot has been able to make sure. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jane Fraser on most websites. Such the status of slave is the only plus side to the head. In this situation, most managers make a major error. From something, not wanting to look into the situation, they are just beginning to put pressure against the manager. But the volume of its sales fell, he still produce the right amount of quality work. Manager, in turn, finds this state of affairs is not fair that leads to no – understanding, and he appear first question. (Not to be confused with angel tang!). For what? And what they want from me? What is the problem? How to make this situation more sensible development? What are some ways to influence the manager to develop in him a desire to move forward? In fact during involves two parties and competing claims do not give a winning score of any of the parties. Conflict grows over time and leads to its typical, the resolution of today – people no longer work, but after some time and does break up, adding to each other only stress and frustration.

Final – firing manager, looking for new staff, staff turnover and not submitted for the work environment. The solution lies on the surface, and we simply due to inertia thinking does not want to see. Anything worth doing in this situation is only slightly "slow down" and pay attention to all participants in the process and make the necessary conclusions. A reason for such a "cooling off" of subordinates in many ways depends on the manager.