Us was obvious from the outset that a hip model despite the specialization must have hop model ambitions to compete internationally, and must dance skills have been, also to dance or choreographic catwalk presentations for postings to the Available. Gunther triangle: because they came briefly to Germany to speak BBs next top model, how would you rate this casting show? Yanick Naidu: I call hip hop models itself as the biggest contrast of Germany BBs next top model. What there will be shown on television, has little to do with the reality and the construction of a model. I think it’s irresponsible even if someone sends models on the catwalk or castings, although he is white they embarrass themselves and are completely overwhelmed by the situation. Gunther triangle: have you called your training program CatDance fitness in life for these reasons? Yanick Naidu: I developed CatDance fitness, so that we can continuously train our models. What I myself as a rapper from hip hop have learned, is the constant itself working to bring perfection to the skillz “Skills”. A model that is recorded in the index at us, is not only a comp card in the closet waiting to be proposed to a customer. Models that we personally invite you to the training, have also the obligation to appear there.

A rejection is recognized only with a good cause! Otherwise is either a fixed penalty, or the expulsion from the model index. Gunther triangle: that sounds more like a squad, as such after a modeling agency. Which meaning is behind this? Yanick Naidu: A customer who book with us just need the security that it is up to the model for deciding its requirements. If the model for a fashion show is booked, she must be able to “Run”. The customer says she should employ more hip – moving more, or improvise just a dance must be able to implement the instructions well the model.