First that nothing, we must throw to the sweepings those preconceived ideas that they deny the abundance and success of our present and future to us, the past or was written and from this point of your life you must choose if you are going to continue negndote or you are going to be the best writer of your own success, a crazy person who believes in itself and walks by where others would not dare to happen, because this crazy person has his mind is connected with the positive and he always waits for the best thing of this world, for him, everything is possible, to even walk over the water. Me it pleases much when the parents plant ideas of overcoming and prosperity in their children from small, these will be without a doubt the next inventors, successful millionaires, industralists and artists of the future. The success and the failure come from a mental attitude, that generates and attracts situations of which we spoke and we thought more constantly, of much which sowings that harvests. This takes to be constantly encouraging our inner being to us, as if outside ours loved son, the one that will be developed as magnificent as we want. The success possibilities are for all that one that wishes to take them, has their price to believe and sometimes to act against the conformista thought of the majority of our society, but the gains usually are more than extraordinary.

INTENTALO! The success is to manage to leave the dark mental state in that you could encontrarte at this moment, to learn to isolate the voices that discourage to us or contaminate with frustrations; to be a spectator of itself as if you saw those voices but not them listening, you ***reflx mng yourself of them because you meditate only in your dreams becoming reality. To know that everything is momentary and will happen leaving place to a new full reality of favorable situations. The success is to know how to enjoy when you are in the top of the world, regocijarte and to celebrate of that abundant moment; but also it is to know how to maintain calm and trusting the spirit when the deep valleys come. All we have the same mental capacity to begin a change that takes to us to make reality our dreams, and is in this state that I call the Crazy person where we crossed the line that divides to the people who want to change their present reality with which they live the dreamed reality. If you have read east article it means that you go in the way of a change in your life, I wish the most abundant wisdom and prosperity you in your new way. If you wish the change, inscrbete in our east Seminary Saturday 4 of September 2010. I know a lucky Crazy person! Sincerely, Pablo You can write to me to to share your experience and to contribute to the growth of other people in the way of success.