H I have said that the national Government can not equate an article articulating a law when they are completely conflicting why I said that what is repealing that article and give full effect to the Act 411 which is this giving full force to collective bargaining in Colombia of officials and workers in the public sector that the ILO recognizes total right. Similarly I would like to highlight the presence of pensioners at the hearing public; may not be the country to send a wrong message, that when a person to dedicated his working life; its productive life to contribute to the country and society when it reaches the end of the production gap then simply be discarded or not be taken into account with the dignity that it deserves so here we are with the Organization of pensioners in the country working these issues to give them better applicability that everytime they change the conditions of pension are not only affecting a worker but an entire family due to the labour precalizacion of the Colombian Family and especially the loss of jobs as well because that this audience has this central objective and we are looking at the implications that each organization is the application of this standard and that call on the national Government to implement the recommendations of the OTI Atelca head of press: the national Government said that the pension problem has nothing to do are the labor problemTherefore when the worker pensiona is ceases the employment relationship which is not therefore a discussion for collective agreements in the context of unions and workers? Senator Gloria Ines Ramirez that is true but it is Manichaean and instrumental management of a right. The worker to reach his pension has to have worked in a company and is there where employment conditions are created then it’s not fair, that when your walk to work makes about twenty-five or thirty years come with conditions and then the Government in the way the fence you changing that is not just for workers; but above all a wrong message would be sent to the country. .