Places with raised fretico sheet can be considered as areas of risk and its occupation must be prevented. Fortunately, in the area of the Polar region of Fashion of the Guar it had a flat fretico sheet, preventing the cancellation of the enterprise. The planning and advising given for gegrafo must be made with the objective to discipline the use-occupation and not to create empecilhos to the development of the enterprise. The planning must have a character of disciplinamento of the use of the ground, allowing the occupation of areas of its ambient characteristics. As Mota (2003) the forecast of the ambient impacts that will be able to result of the diverse uses of the ground, in a city, must serve of base for the adoption of measures of protection of the environment.

Another determinative factor so that if it concludes that the space knowledge is necessary in the development of Economic Polar regions is the geographic mapping that reduces the risks of investments. The analysis of to be polarized region demands a minute research to determine the best localization for the enterprise, the best area of influence, what certainly gegrafo will make, using of all the available resources, as: Mapping, GPS, Aerial Image of Satellite, Photos, Survey in field, Data base, Research in field, telephonic Research among others. Better to take care of a public-target, the companies of the Polar region of Fashion of the Guar, they would have to make use of excellent information on its field of performance, its business, its competition and especially its customer and users, in the case of the Polar region the fashion segment. The gegrafo, through a process of research of geomarketing, would define the problem and the objectives of the research, having developed a plan of research, collection of information, analysis of the information and presentation of results. The final objective of an analysis of Geomarketing, made for a gegrafo, based on the geographic mapping of the information inclusas in the data base and other sources (IBGE, Administrations, analysis in field, etc.), becomes related with the necessity to explore the data of tabular bases as consumption, customers, invoicing and to transform them into information, to determine the best localization for the enterprise.