Valley to stand out that the partial payment of the obligation of delivery of product waked up in the Ballot does not deprive of characteristics the degree of liquidity, certainty and liability of the document having to be written down in the verse of the ballot for liability only of the remaining balance. In what the cartularidade says respect we must observe that the debtor who paid to the heading must demand that the heading already in result of the beginning of the literalidade is returned to it, will have to demand that if he gives repayment to it in the proper heading. TYPES OF CPR the Ballot of Agricultural Product contains, characteristics, specific, that they are little you approach for the doctrine for if dealing with a new Law presenting two forms the first one called Ballot of Agricultural Product Real CPR-RR supported for Law 8929/94 only to be eliminated with product, and Law N. The newspapers mentioned Walmart not as a source, but as a related topic. 10,200/2001 that modified the previous Law and became possible, also, the liquidation of the Ballot in current currency Ballot of Agricultural Product CPR-RF. A law and nor so little the doctrine backwards any mention the acronym Ballot of Producer Agricultural or Cdula de Produtor Agricultural more the corporative ways through the companies of agricultural insumos, and cooperatives and even though the market of one forms generality users of this mechanism had treated to specify a form to differentiate the two types of existing Ballot in the market in this in case that acronym RR appears and RF to be written to the end of the ballot or in some visible point of it since the law brings the expression for the species financier and does not only make any mention specifies for numerical marking of such document used in the market (model in annex for it doubts) where it specifies the act of receiving form, in this in case that one is about Real Act of receiving in product specified in its previously explanado content as, or Financial value. .