Because media skills and always subjective access to the own healers can be trained only in the experience. 1. introduction heart, knowledge and devotion: heart awareness. For even more opinions, read materials from Kamala Harris. I am a channel. Silence and emptiness. White magic. The elements. Preparation, protection and cleaning.

Master and helper. T alent, potential, power, and mission. 5 pillars of cosmic consciousness. 2. practical training: energy management, higher frequencies and healing journeys (basic and advanced exercises in Biosyntergie ). Knowledge of personal resources (hands, breathing, voice, body contact, etc.) Use external resources (amulets, feathers, flowers, stones, etc.). Syntony (body, emotions, mind, soul, spirit, time-space). Freedom of creativity: multiple intelligences, non-verbal communication, the medicine wheel of 9 arts.

3. initiation and healing laboratory: Initiation with your cosmic Guide. Your healer Decree. Learning from Pascal’s method of healing by short Energy assistance”(Apoyo Energetico). Healing laboratory (alone and in pairs we use the learned free). Maya School of cosmic consciousness – only school where you’re the master the Maya School of cosmic consciousness is the trans-personal, shamanic project of creative transformation. We focus here on a deep and efficient transformation of each involved. It is felt essential information about our existence, and he-within. The techniques are crevasses genotype and come from spiritual or shamanic traditions of various cultures, and latest research of the neuroscience and quantum physics. In this retreat, each Subscriber/donor is much time have to liberate his current soul path and to UN – cover, as well as to install a hoherfrequentiges cosmic consciousness. We will try to solve these tasks in different ways: movement, meditation, catharsis, heart consciousness, white magic, contact with our masters and helpers, reconnection of your cosmic being… The structure of the Maya School of cosmic consciousness follows the LifeTreeSystem (roots, stem, branches, Crown) and leads the participants on an inner journey of evolution of wisdom from a deeper to a higher consciousness. Every living thing at the time, goes through this process consciously or unconsciously. In the school of cosmic consciousness, we made it faster and confront the resistance to the new. Spirituality is not any removed concept for people that float in higher spheres there is rather a need in times of profound change, which applies just to recognize it, to discover and to Earth. We need no institutions and master more, we are all by themselves, each in his own way, according to his truth that is cosmic consciousness 2012, in action, and the co-creation of a new world. Life is a dream! Awake and dreaming consciously! Seminar: Maya School of cosmic consciousness date: 31.07 01.08.