Unique designs of fashion, lifestyle, accessories. Scandinavian minimalism, romantic Flounce and playful layered look. Big names of Scandinavian fashion and design scene. Yes, many wonder what is the secret of Scandinavian fashion and Scandinavian product design. And not without reason. Fashion missteps of the northern lights are not as good as on the streets of Stockholm, Oslo or Copenhagen to see. The Nordic women are admired for their obvious style safety and envied. Coveted labels like odd Molly, Soyakoncept, minimarket and Stine Goya determine the streetscape with its variety and make the Scandinavian fashion so uniquely stylish and different.

But not only the Nordic fashion is something special. The style of Scandinavia but minimalism? For many Scandinavian fashion has two main facets: minimalism and romantic playfulness. Which is not so long. Also, you can say that exceptions prove the rule. No that is a very special style fashion which has northern lights but just as diverse as for example the fashion of mainland Europeans. Romantic Flounce, individually kreiierter layered look, unusual practical and minimalist designer dresses are only excerpts from the diversity of fashion of the far North. Unique product design from Scandinavia fashion from the North is the other one, the product design. More creative than other Europeans are Scandinavians? Give them more time to unleash their creativity the long, dark winter months? We are can not solve well here this mystery.

It is certain: the range of globally popular product designs from Scandinavia stands for unique Nordic style. Names like Georg Jensen, bang & Olafson, Werner Panton, Jacob Jensen and Arne Jakobsen belong to the”name among the designers who have influenced Scandinavian design and known beyond the borders of Scandinavia, through different eras across. Design of the small labels in addition to the great designers, the fashion, the jewellery, accessories and other lifestyle The views of the small labels, which often prove true insider tip worth products over the borders of Scandinavia also acquaint. “” “” It comes to jewelry, each Georg Jensen knows, probably”, but few the Danish label Milas”, all know Noa Noa”, but probably no Hauzfrau” and certainly nobody by number “. There is a really noteworthy key holder of the latter label. Scandinavian design of a holder of simple elegance, uniqueness, minimalism and practicality. So, the key holder could be described. The send key holder exists in two variants: in red and black. The two hemispheres, which can be mounted on the wall, hold up to six key or key rings and make sure that they are always close at hand. A key holder which is not only functional, but even chic. Also the price of the key holder has won confirmed that: the product design award 2009. Who so a send and offbeat Key holder finds that not passes the Scandinavian “KeyThing”. to be a useful source of information. Conclusion: Scandinavia is trend for design and fashion Scandinavia has style. What is the lifestyle, fashion, and design. If minimalism, romanticism, flamboyance the Scandinavian fashion is varied, just like the designs for jewellery, accessories and other lifestyle products. Christina Brinch-Moller