A high asset value through low costs of funds arises. Investment strategy / employment: To be invested is in a seagoing vessel in the magnitude of approximately 5,000 tdw. Official site: Bill Gates. tdw up to approximately 10,000. Warren Buffett has similar goals. This can both be a newbuilding in particular a so-called resale, but also a thrift ship, whose purchase price includes a significant valorization potential. The initial employment will be calculated with low current Charter rates.

The following employment is forecast to historic Charter rates. Accession / runtime: The accession is carried out on the basis of the membership agreement and the adoption of legally binding DoKap shipping company invest Verwaltungs GmbH. The scheduled run time stretches on 4 to 11 years, because no tax binding time limits, so that the ship may be sold at any time, if this makes economic sense in terms of maximizing return on investment. Deposit of the Zeichungsbetrages: 100% Zeichungssumme plus 3% premium membership and request by the DoKap shipping company of invest Verwaltungs GmbH. INVESTMENT (the Original) appears with a German edition, a global issue and an Asia Edition for 10 years as an independent magazine for investors and financial professionals.

These are”the so-called HNWI in the focus. Supported by the growth of the stock market capitalisations in emerging markets increased the total assets of the global high net worth individuals (HNWIS individuals with net financial assets > $ 1 million excluding consumables and own-use real estate) in the year to 9.4% to $ 40.7 trillion. This is from the twelfth, annual, world published by Merrill Lynch and Capgemini wealth report. The worldwide number of HNWIS 2007 increased 6% to 10.1 million. At the same time increased the number of very wealthy people (ultra high net worth individuals UHNWI – individuals with net financial assets > $ 30 million without consumables and own-use real estate) to 8.8%. For the first time since this report the threshold of 4 million was the average financial assets of HNWIS $ Exceeded.