We have learned how they work in solar panel solar cells, how come photons with the Sun’s rays and are distributed in the layers of solar cells to generate electrical energy. It is important also to deepen the concepts about electricity and structure of matter, to better understand the work of photovoltaic systems or solar modules also called solar panels. Positive electrical charges tend to move from higher to lower potential points. Therefore, linking two drivers who are at different potential, there is movement of positive charges of the positive pole or greater potential to whose potential is less negative. This movement of loads is known as electric current. The concept of potential difference can then be defined as positive the work necessary to carry one unit of charge between two points. The unit of potential difference is the Volt (V). In metals, electrical power is based on the presence of free electrons, is say, negative charges.

Normally, these electrons move between atoms of the metal in a disorderly manner, but to settle the difference of potential, are forced to move in a particular direction, giving rise to power. There are two types of power: 1.-current continuous is precisely when loads are always circulating in the same direction. It is the kind of power that produce batteries and accumulators. Any small or large household and car battery work with DC as well as light bulbs. 2 Current alternates when mentioned charges circulating in the form alternating sinusoidal voltage and frequency with certain advantages in power transmissions. This case all devices and appliances that plug operate with this type of power. Their loads are so fast a sense as to another. This madness of electrons and charges is what they do give greater labour force and energy.

In most of the countries of the world, the alternating current is 110V and 220 V at a frequency of 50 to 60 Hz (Hertz). P. ahem. 60 or 50 cycles and 100 changes of direction of the current in a second, is fabulous! A musical team, computer, washing clothes, ironer clothing, Blender, TV colors, dishwasher, dryer clothes, musical equipment, VCR, breeding stock of videos, coffee makers, microwaves, garage door, timbres goalkeeper, etc. are some of the many who work with alternating current. Each computer, machine, appliance mentioned have their own power. I.e. each works with certain amount of Watts that is known as load. This concept is good to keep in mind because it is used at all times and in all places when projecting the manufacture, Assembly and installation of photovoltaic solar modules.