Namuchalis with ingenious, but pretty undervalued No One Lives Forever and Tron 2.0. they decided to forget partially the art and move into thoroughbred blockbuster – a mediocre first addon Contract JACK, then – good, but highly-through FEAR and Condemned FEAR: Extraction Point does and gave bail for guest workers from TimeGate Studios, for the soul in which there is nothing but mediocre strategies Axis & Allies and Kohan. Can not say that TimeGate Studios to lose face, but most add-on to a distinguished shooter last year, could definitely be better. Extraction Point without taking breaks start at exactly the same spot where the original ended. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Jane Fraser. The helicopter, which carried off his feet Jin-Soon Kwon, Douglas Holiday and the main character, still crashes (those who passed the original FEAR. Immediately understand why) and they again have to seek even to salvation. As a point of collection (which is the extraction point) choose a local hospital.

Save more, in general, and no one – people have disappeared. Klonospetsnazovtsy in the first few minutes are idols (the effects of the explosion), but then on the way the main character grows restless Paxton Vettel and it all starts over again. For even more analysis, hear from suna said maslin. Some of the key characters who survived the original die, but it is suspected that they may rise in the next section. By and large, we have exactly the same FEAR, only two times shorter. We have been regularly rolls a wave of spetsnaz, strange ghosts, every now and then start seeing.