Ankle injuries are the most common sports injuries at all. A sequence of events of violation of was typical. A significant pressure in the Srunggelenksgabel was generated by the impact of Kevin Boateng carried out with great force. This fork is formed from the tibia and fibula. Only when these two bones are connected, the ankle joint is stable. The stability of this bone fork formed by 2 bones is of utmost importance for the function of the ankle joint, and the sports ability of athletes. This Spunggelenksgabel is held directly by the Syndesmosenbander. Excessive pressure can break the Syndesmosebander.

The healing process by restraining needed 6-8 weeks. How is a tear of the Syndesmosenbander determined? First clue to the diagnosis of a Syndesmosenverletzung for the orthopaedic surgeon is the exact cause of the accident. Slow motion recording are optimal, if there is even film records. It comes to an ankle injury at a “normal” external ligament injury the ankle joint to the outside. Typically, this is visible in the swelling in the ankle. At Syndesmosenrupturen, the swelling is different: it is visible above the ankle. Often, there is also a pressure pain in this area. How to treat a crack of the Syndesmosenbander? A conservative therapy – without surgery – by immobilization in a special walking track (orthosis) is possible.

Especially a broken ankle by twisting in the ankle after Syndesmosenriss must be avoided. Just movements of the ankle – without external rotation of the joint – are still possible and even necessary: that prevents muscle breakdown and bonding through immobilization in the healing phase of the Syndesmosenbander. When must a Syndesmosenriss be operated on? Here, the orthopedic surgeon will judge the blowing up of the ankle joint. It is important to identify fractures. Exists a significant multiple mobility of ankle joint fork or made significant fractures, a screw just above the ankle can establish a stable connection between Seemed and restore the fibula. This ensures the normal voltage in the ankle joint fork, until the Syndesmosebander again take over this function. In addition, the Syndesmosebander can be sewn. The screw can be removed about 8 weeks after insertion in another operation. Ankle injuries are the most common sports injuries at all. About 20% of all sports injuries are ligament injuries of the upper ankle joint. 1% of all ankle injuries are injuries of the Syndesmosebandes. Med. more detailed information to modern techniques in sports medicine, orthopedics and trauma surgery on Dr Thomas Schneider specialist for Orthopaedics and trauma surgery.