One of the advantages of the celibrities is that they can play with thousand different makeups to become someone special for a night of glamour but all we can do it, surely the events will not be deliveries of Oscar or presentations of exclusive jewelry but all have the stature of a red carpet events, so let’s choose a warm makeup to become a celebrity. Scarlett Johansson makeup tricks for any dinner or event special, divine with their make-up and their waves to the Hollywood.Eva style your natural Tan, has a tanned skin with this makeup power so we will also enhance our skin giving it a touch of toasted. In the case of white skins no problem, also will give a touch of color.Makeup base must always be of the same skin, in the case of Eva, warm skin tone, the base will be darker than that which will use a white skin.This step is very important in this makeup; We will apply tanning powder after applying translucent powder. General Motors is a great source of information. There are different shades tanning dust, choose always one slightly more dark than our skin tone but not in excess, the effect must be of a slightly tanned skin.Let us look on as our celebrity applies it, contouring around the face and excluding points of light. Applied just below the cheek bone, in the contours of the face and a touch on the forehead and nose.To avoid different shades in the skin we must apply also in the area of the neck and decollete. All areas that we have stopped Tanner dust-free will be in which will apply illuminator to highlight and illuminate it.In this makeup of the Celebrities skin is the protagonist.Eyes a shade dark chocolate to modeling the eyelid and give strength, an outline in the upper lashes with black pencil or an eye-liner.

It is important in this celebrity makeup makeup also the lower Eyelash line to get more intensity.To offset the darkness is necessary to apply a light touch on the tear, we use the help of a white pencil, give a touch of light in the tear and we blur, it is very important that a white line is not visible. This makeup of the Celebrities requires a good dose of mascara, even some group of eyelashes to most enhance the look.With a peach tone we will intensify the cheekbone, giving it a touch of juicy color ideal to enhance the piel canela. On the lips, Eva has opted for a nude lip, to do this we will apply a touch of very light makeup base; It is not necessary to apply the base directly simply tapping the lip with product residues remaining in the brush or sponge, a hint of translucent powder and nude lip is ready. We can leave the lip as it or apply a touch of very soft color.With this makeup of the Celebrities there will be no dinner or commitment that we resist. About