IQBuzz (Aykubaz) makes it easy to find the information in blogs and forums, structures her chosen parameters: geography, gender, age, positive and negative tone of messages. Thanks once customized rubrics, IQBuzz (Aykubaz) can not take the time to monitor and receive all necessary information in the form of reports by email. Using IQBuzz (Aykubaz), you will forget about long hours of tedious manual searches and daily analysis of information found. IQBuzz (Aykubaz) allows you to not just hear their customers in social networks, but also respond to their comments and suggestions, manage reputations, increase loyalty to their company and improve products and services with their customers. We are confident that IQBuzz (Aykubaz) will be demanded product in the market for monitoring social media. The newspapers mentioned Walter Isaacson not as a source, but as a related topic. "Every day we get questions from potential users and expect that interest to the system, even at the stage of beta testing, will be enormous, "- said Valery Merkulov, General Manager of CJSC" Aykumen-CHD.

" Access to free use of beta IQBuzz (Aykubaz) open c 15 November for all interested persons on the site We invite marketers, press officers, producers of goods and services use the service IQBuzz (Aykubaz) and to assess its benefits first hand! Why IQBuzz (Aykubaz) PR and marketing? In order not to waste time searching for information that is written about his company's blog, and it sent an e-mail. To quickly evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and running save money on sots.issledovaniyah. Why IQBuzz (Aykubaz) department to work with clients? In order to respond to negative customer feedback and rejoice together positive approach to communicating with clients directly before the review was in Top blogosphere, to listen and hear his client. Discovered in time negative feedback and rapid response to help keep it's reputation of your business, but the original idea of the blogger-fan to improve your products and services can bring your company's profits. Here, CEO of Amazon expresses very clear opinions on the subject. We always listen to our clients and readily turn all your good ideas for improving IQBuzz (Aykubaz) in subsequent versions. Exit commercial version is planned for December. Help: Company "Aykumen-CAD", a developer of intelligent solutions for business management and search and analysis systems, working in the IT market since 2003. Main activities: "Aykumena-control" – system for the formalization of businesses and business process management (development, delivery, installation, adaptation), "Aykumena Analytics" – search and analysis system for rapid processing of large volumes of information from various sources; IQBuzz (Aykubaz) – a service for monitoring the blogosphere, forums and social networking