The camper or caravan on the road in southern Sweden, many waters in southern Sweden are surrounded by large or small forests. The breathtaking nature of southern Sweden acts in many places almost untouched. The tourists many places are spread through the vastness of the country. A camping holiday in South Sweden can be done in different ways. The easiest way is to pull with tent and backpack through the landscape.

The right of public access allows anyone to camp two nights on uncultivated land for maximum. If you hit the tent in the vicinity of a residential building, you should ask the owner to consent. Apart from private waters, all lakes and rivers may be used for bathing. Who would like to fish, need a fishing permit can be purchased cheap on the spot. In principle, it is also possible to make a camp fire. However you should be careful, cause no great fire.

Who is on the road with a caravan or a camper, can his vehicle to the Stopping overnight on the side of the road. This can be quite useful if you travel to a campground in several stages. There are campsites in great numbers. For example the Bolmensee is a very popular area. Around this huge River, there are good places for campers. The sanitary facilities are usually very good and also offered various activities on the water. The Bolmensee is also for a multi-day canoe trip. Along the shore, you can explore the magnificent scenery and evening on the banks will find a nice place for an overnight stay. Canoe trips can be undertaken but also to other lakes or rivers. Even in such ventures, the Everyman is very helpful, since the use of the waters is free. With children, a camping holiday in Sweden is strongly recommended. Surrounded by nature, the young can act relaxed. Parents can relax in peace, while the kids explore the surrounding area. In southern Sweden, the next settlement is never far away, so that the Safety is no problem. Just the mix of culture and nature is one of the hallmarks of southern Sweden. It is even left each encompasses many different places or the travel takes place in a single place. It is not necessary to make all too concrete plans. Also in the high season, it is always possible, find a beautiful campsite, especially if one is on the road with the tent. Only if the holiday to a specific place to be enjoyed, a reservation is necessary and useful. Excursions in the culture of southern Sweden are worthwhile. In Smaland, you can convert the footsteps of Astrid Lindgren’s and find numerous places from her children’s books. The Kingdom of Crystal”with its numerous glass works is also very interesting. In Blekinge there are wonderful park-like landscapes and beaches wait in Halland. Anglers and water sports enthusiasts can enjoy themselves on the coasts at will. The journey to southern Sweden can drive (via the orseundbrucke or a ferry), the Train or plane over Stockholm take place. A stay of at least two weeks with a longer travel is recommended.