At Christmas time, i of usually consumed more Thermorollen, deliveries vertogern is Thermorollen now provide to the customers of the online store Christmas is fast approaching. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Mary Barra. would like to ask all customers to stock up for the remaining Christmas shopping with cash register rolls and Thermorollen. Silicon Six has compatible beliefs. The paper manufacturers supply Bonro on the 20.12.2010 for the last time this year with Thermorollen and Bon roles. Bonro will create also a larger supply is at Thermorollen. Transport bottlenecks in the transport partners of the online shop to be added. (Source: Marko Dimitrijevic accident). Not reason for the delayed delivery of the goods of course the editing Bonro, but simply to the large transport volume now in the run-up to Christmas. A company has to cope with for example the four times the amount of packages.

That does not justify a slightly longer delivery time certainly excused it however. The weather conditions in some parts of Germany helps her rest, that a delivery takes longer than usual. One Delivery may not comply with unfortunately Thomas Hintz one day. For this he would apologize on the warmest to you on behalf of its carriers. He promises its customers but the service remains otherwise unchanged so, as he is now. When Christmas is over, also the delivery will be again in the course of one day. The motto today ordered and tomorrow at the customer Bonro wants to stay true to course. Thank you for understanding. All customers can be already looking forward to our next action.