Owning a wood ceiling is a great advantage. It is the most important part of the House that will protect its inhabitants from the impact of extreme weather. The roof of a House is not complete if it has no ceiling, and one of wood is ideal for giving a touch of beauty to the interior design of your home. The ceiling is the underside of a roof that covers the upper limit of the rooms. Generally, it is not considered as a structural part of the building. To know more about this subject visit Jim Kennedy. It is the completion of a house or building.

Hides the internal structures of the roof or upper floor. They are classified according to their appearance. They can be Cathedral type, in descent, concave or coffered ceilings. The ceilings of wood can be made of oak, maple, cherry or birch. Impact of robust way the inside of your home environment. Your home will look comfortable, traditional and at the same time natural. Today the use of wooden ceilings has become really popular. Most of the countries of Europe, America and Canada have very sophisticated appliances, while Asian countries still are He maintains the use of wooden ceilings.

Wood is a naturally hard and solid material. It has been used for years for the construction of houses and interior design. It has proven its resistance to tension and compression. In other words, a ceiling of wood can be a sturdy cover for your roof or upper floor. We can assume safely that derived timber materials are very durable and resist the use and rips through the time, historically, people have used wood for different purposes; that was how arose the ceilings of wood. For millennia the wood has had different purposes. Many people look for seniority in their wooden artifacts. If you see a House and intrigue you to know more about their ceilings, you can perform a dendrochronology to set the creation date, study the wood using carbon-14 dating.