Growth frequency, reinsurance transactions and complexity of their character determined the need for organizations whose specialty was the direct reinsurance market, in addition to this pushed and complexity of requirements for insurance, and a fierce struggle between direct insurers. The creation of international reinsurance and ways of the complexities of the technical quality of their application encouraged establishment of state reinsurance. Rhinestones after the Second World War has been registered abroad, the Central Reinsurance Company, which all exist in the country, companies must have been transmit-six percent of all direct risks. Almost all the power went down this path, overstated the percentage of required transmission risks, reaching monopolization of the insurance business. In the thirties, were discovered in the reinsurance firms that were the levers of government regulation further reinsurance operations. Also in this process is necessary to see the presence and positive aspects.

A very important place in the history of the Reinsurance take reinsurance pools. Their creation belong to different periods. Members of the Convention is the amount of damages and slips into the pool, which distributes portions of the respective results of Insurance contacts between its participants. There are three types of contracts brokerage activity. An important place is given to reinsurance in relation to the need for placement of pools in the insurance market, due to the fact that very tangible risks they require several insurers.

Regarding the liability insurance of product quality can be said that, here is unacceptable proportional reinsurance. However, there opportunity to apply the coating, based on excess of loss. Here, the responsibility will extend over the entire period of insurance specified in the policy. In our time covering the total loss is replaced with the proviso series of losses that the reinsurer will pay. The main purpose of this article was to bring to the reader that the reinsurance operations provide the most consistent results and conclusion of insurance contracts with This position complements the complete and coherent structuring of insurance as an entity. The importance and need for reinsurance protection is obvious to all, without exception, insurance brokers not only to maintain their financial stability, but also to insurers, trust insurers to comply with its own interests.