Chamber of Commerce – the so-called structure, whose mission is to provide different layers of the volume of business. Credit: Michael Bloomberg-2011. In this ward includes a variety of organizations providing services in the industry, trade, agriculture and others of this kind. Year of establishment of regional sales offices can be considered nineteen hundred nineteen, at the time, there twenty-six exchange committees and twelve trade conferences. In nineteen twenty-eighth year, was established All-Union Chamber of Commerce. The process of forming regional offices Chamber of Commerce began in nineteen twenty-ninth year. Hear other arguments on the topic with Sergey Brin.

In thousand nine hundred ninety second founding congress was held, which can be considered as a reference point in the Chamber of Commerce Trans-Baikal region. Over time, the charter of the Chamber of Commerce Trans-Baikal region has changed several times, it systematically regularly make various changes and additions that improve the content and introduce a new order in its content. The most important change made Apart from the change that had been made in the charter of the second after the item number one, the so-called nineteenth article in which it was announced that the Chamber of Commerce Trans-Baikal Territory is a member of Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation on the official grounds for the voluntary union of the conditions of the members of the Chamber of Commerce and representational and consent of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation are the conditions required for the establishment of this Chamber. At this time, a large number of firms, various organizations and individuals have become clients and members of the Chamber of Commerce. The objectives of the present time, which set a Chamber of Commerce Trans-Baikal region, is an independent assessment of the securities, real estate valuation, property assessment, which is considered intellectual assessment enterprises separately, or even just business in general and a number of other services. In addition the company develops a variety of business plans, engaged in business planning and setting goals, which consist of attraction of investments, which are independent.