Preaching the Gospel is one of the most important and valuable in life things, always and when it is done by people who have Christ in their lives and are firmly aware of the message that going to preach. There are many factors that must be taken into account when preaching, as well as before preaching, if we take them into consideration and make use of them, to help us not only feel more safe in our preaching, but that we are also fulfilling our commitment with God to preach his word. About you going to preach if your message is going to be with respect to some specific topic and you have already chosen a biblical passage, what I recommend is that you carefully study this passage, including their immediate context, i.e., read all the chapter including the chapter earlier so that you can understand what is this talking and who or who is talking to them. Get your own investigation of the passage you are studying with paper and pencil at hand, and tomato time needed for the preparation of your preaching. PREPARES a draft then you already have your Research of the passage, and everything you have annotated, comes the time of give form to all that, * begins writing on a sheet of paper the title or subject of your message, scoring in the part of down your key text of the item. * Next, make a list of at least 3 major points hacerca of which you speak, and writes to them your explanation of it, writes everything that you have in mente(te lo recomiendo esa es una buena tarea) * after having written the important points of your message, comes the Conclusion, this point is so important because it is often what remains etched in the minds of your listenersI recommend you give a small overview of the important points of your message and call to action. You can learn how to perform a sketch here: steps to perform a sketch dedicated time for the prayer please, this point is of paramount importance and do not miss it for anything. Takes a while to ask for the guidance from the Lord, that your holy spirit guide you to make the message you’re going to preach God who do the work in hearts. Let yourself be guided by the Lord, and remember that we are only carriers of the message of Christ! That God you follow using your Ministry of the preaching of his holy Gospel, if you want to obtain more information you can visit my blog as preach the word of God. Original author and source of the article.