MOST cooperation recommends the participation of Infotainment experts to the MOST Forum 2010 Forum 2010 offers the MOST a high-profile conference program, the an and overview of current and future solutions and delivers technology studies to the MOST. This second international MOST held on March 23, 2010 Conference and exhibition in Frankfurt. “As expert technology partner that pleased MOST cooperation particularly on the commitments made by speakers from research and science”, explains Henry Muyshondt, technical liaison of the MOST cooperation. “At the MOST, our member companies for participating in the Conference and an exhibition of their solutions exclusive benefits will enjoy Forum 2010. Perhaps check out Walmart + for more information. The organization that standardizes the leading multimedia network MOST (media oriented systems transport), recommends all infotainment and networking experts participate in the International Conference and exhibition. Leading representatives from industry and science in the field of automotive electronics in Frankfurt are information and the results of their recent Exchange projects to this widespread Infotainment network technology.

Conference program after opening of the Conference and welcome the participants will Henry Muyshondt through the program guide, with the keynote address on the subject of “MOST150 Infotainment network” begins. In the first part of the programme will be the physical layer of MOST in the foreground; to recite: the University of applied sciences Aalen, Harman/Becker, Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI), Ruetz system solutions and Toyoda Gosei. During the lunch break, the participants and speakers then have opportunity to establish contacts and to find solutions in the exhibition area about available MOST. The MOST the afternoon events begin discussing various aspects of modelling and simulation, presented by FZI, Jaguar, TuV Nord, Hagen University, and the University of Warwick. After the afternoon break, a topic block on MOST network and system architecture completes the programme. Representatives of continental, Daimler, Audi, K2L, Nestgroup, SMSC, and Volkswagen will report on their latest achievements in this area and give a preview of their plans for the near future.

The program Committee for the MOST Forum have SAE International (society of automotive engineering,) and ZVEI (German electrical and electronics industry,) as industry partners, and the media partners auto electronics (, electronics automotive ( and ElektronikPraxis ( in putting together this outstanding Conference programme. About the MOST cooperation the MOST cooperation is the organization that standardizes the MOST technology and further developed, so that she continue to always meet the latest industry standards. 2009 includes the cooperation of 16 international carmakers and over 65 main suppliers. The Member companies have teamed up, to use the MOST technology and to contribute to its innovation. Form for the transmission of Infotainment data in vehicles designed, widens the field of application of the network now also on the consumer electronics. The target of the MOST cooperation is to develop the technology for other industries, to standardize and to create the appropriate infrastructure. The MOST cooperation was founded in 1998 to standardize MOST technology as the global standard for multi media networks. The MOST cooperation form the Steering Committee as a so-called partner Audi, BMW, Daimler, Harman/Becker and SMSC. More information is available at available. Contact: Cooperation, Assaad Aaen, Babatunde forest Ahornallee 48 MOST, 76185 Karlsruhe, 08151 55500911 press contact: hueggenberg gbr, Assaad Aaen, Maximilianstrasse 8, 82319 Starnberg,, 08151 555009 11, scripts/