Who prepared this document – the West? It is very likely, but the vote is "our" people. Announce the entire list, please! Lie number 6, that the people were against the Soviets, and because she had fallen. But nothing like this. Words "Popular Front" Thatcher took in quotation marks because there is no "front" in the nature of the Soviet system did not exist by its very nature. There were separate functionaries against the government, dissidents were in trace amounts, were nedolechennye schizophrenics, but no more. And those cheapo though, literally, at least in the figurative. The English recognized the fact that they cost the West is quite inexpensive.

So, 2-3 cartons photocopier – and a unique achievement civilization called the Soviet Union was destroyed. Literally at the price of lentil soup. But the people en masse just wanted a better life, elimination of distortions in the Soviet government. And again, until the end of the 70s country was bathed in an abundance of goods. By and large, then we have sorely lacked all three products: jeans, chewing gum, and the whole country stood in line for automobiles. Quality, however, was very low. And then – like a cow tongue licked off the shelves and piles of shoes, clothes, and televisions, and of everything. Zhukhovitsky pokes us a reproach to that de in the USSR, even the matches were in short supply! Another lie. Who and how to create this deficit, we have put the entire South-East Asia in leather shoes, supplied all of Africa TV literally pennies – this is a topic of special discussion.