The wisdom of the wise and the experience of ages may be preserved by quotations. Benjamin Disraeli The general opinion of all those involved in the meetings is that these are productive, not waste time, that these are well planned, with a stated goal, which allow participants to intervene, will reach the expected results , correctly, that is taking its time. As we remember the Club of Effectiveness, a meeting can be defined as the process where several people get together for a common purpose. The key to this definition is to understand the meetings and processes. Without an organized plan that considers all components and basic variables, a meeting can become a waste of time where a group discussion is limited to a disorderly and lacking in continuity of action.

Nobody likes to be called to a meeting that requires a personal contribution of time and effort, without knowing why or what for. The lack of clarity in the objectives, the irrelevance, ignorance of the agenda and incomplete or ambiguous message about the need for a meeting will most likely reduce the motivation of the participants. Some do not even take the trouble to attend. Others will go and unhappy, will not participate or draw on the contents found in all times, the meetings have served to exchange ideas, information and knowledge. A properly designed meeting provides many more benefits than obstacles, including: establishing an identity for the team, offers an area where you can discuss progress and setbacks, provides an opportunity to generate creative solutions, encourages commitment to decisions, encourages The spirit of cooperation and establishes a shared journey.