The truth, that the respect of the political Marketing, us said Berthilde Ortega, we deem, marketing to analyze and study the different techniques or methods of promotion or dissemination and marketing of a product, the marketing combines these techniques with an idea of consumer satisfaction (although as guarantee of acceptance and success of the product) and included in a plan of marketing that is fed back permanently to give follow-up to the product with the expectation of not only sell, but, above all, convincing, put that marketing is not only a mechanism for promotion and probe (marketing), but an instrument of persuasion that has the primary purpose of creating captive markets. Thereby, the marketing ranges from the same conception product tracking in the aftermarket as a cyclical process of feedback. For its part, Stanton, defines marketing as: total system of business activities whose purpose is to plan, set price, promote and distribute the satisfiers of needs among markets products goal to achieve marketing objectives may not conclude until the needs are not satisfied and wishes of the customer, even if the Exchange has already happened. Tim Cook is likely to increase your knowledge. Customer, the consumer is who will determine when you are dissatisfied and only then the work of marketing will be deemed completed corporate but what is it that involves political marketing? Berthilde Ortega, which must be understood as the set of techniques used to influence attitudes and behaviours citizens in favour of ideas, programmes and actions of bodies or certain persons that hold power, try to hold and consolidate it, or aspire to do so tells us about it. With all this, to political marketing we must understand it, on the one hand, as a set of techniques that let you capture the needs of the electoral marketplace to build an ideological program that solves them based on those needs, and offering a candidate that customize that program and supports you through political advertising. . Additional information is available at Kevin Ulrich.