Fido home alone – that need not be. What used to having a “nice neighborhood” was, is now almost become a small industry. “Animal-sitting” is the keyword. In the meantime, you can even search the Internet for an appropriate overseer for the little darling. That this is worthwhile, we can understand the basis of various platforms Order on the Internet. The rating system provides for transparency, and of course you have the opportunity to meet with the contractor in connection and test whether the “right chemistry”. And certainly, every responsible dog owners a sense of who you are and who leaves his favorite better not. An extensive interview is nevertheless an absolute prerequisite. Maybe you should have references to prove himself, because after all, no one leaves the house and yard like a completely unknown people. Locally it is also the instruction. Finally, it should be the pet sitter and the peculiarities of the animal and its feeding habits, the times and walkieslike to know more. Only in this way an optimal support during the absence of mistress or master is guaranteed. The support ranges from a few hours to several weeks at a time – for example, to absence of the owner. Meanwhile, there are actually established pet sitter, a rival to the famous kennels and hotels. These take for a fixed daily fee (similar to the price of a hotel room, but obviously a lot less) on the pets. The lining is usually included in the price. All in all, animal sitting, but definitely a good alternative, because not every animal used to be so easily into an unknown environment – and some animals is also a loner anyway and therefore not suitable for livestock hotels or hostels. With offers – both pet sitting as well as the overall service package in a separate facility but are completely determined a better solution than the removal of the animal to the shelter. Jana Wunderlich Gaideczka