With this result is fairvesta for the first time among the top 3 of the banks and stock market-independent provider of real estate funds exclusively with German objects. For us, the basis of assessment of emission House is the ability to inspire distributors and investors and not the question of whether an acting often as the parent bank is ready, a fund extra leverage available. In this respect we measure”the success of our House on the acquired equity placement page, Otmar Knoll declared by fairvesta. For Oliver Kuhlmann, who is responsible for the Germany sales by fairvesta March 1, interesting perspectives for the German real estate fund are emerging due to the overall market trend. Investors want safety and return on investment and is in good hands with fairvesta”, he explains. More information is housed here: Mike Bloomberg. fairvesta it plans its activities in Germany, to expand significantly once in the meantime to reach a non-negligible part of the total turnover of the group abroad. Also in the first two months of 2010, increased placement revenues by 30% compared to the same period last year.

fairvesta plans to break through the 100-million euro barrier placed equity this year for the first time. The conditions are good. Because in addition to a wide range of funds, where the core competence of fairvesta shows, the Tubingen company has significantly expanded its sales base by means of license partners in the past year. The results of the already established funds confirm it the continuity of the services of fairvesta management, which is occupied by many ratings: so the returns presented in the prospectus were generated so far all funds established since 2002, which is why the takings of 6.5 percent and the profit attributions for all funds on time could be made. Information about the company: