There are clear differences in price, because some homes offer exclusive housing for the elderly, which can boast of a fine facilities in addition to the normal maintenance and includes special services. To know more about this subject visit Telkom. Finally, any “downward” to be even in the event of the need for care. (Click just click home, and then on “MDK transparency report”. Here individual costs are displayed. In BERLIN, it would look like for example: here on the island of Rugen for example: or in Frankfurt am Main as: very easy is to recognize that the costs arising from the legal supply here are not enough. When a care level 1 and at least are the nursing home (in the still quite cheap Mecklenburg Vorpommern) 19,92 EUR per day (17, 26 + 2, 66 EUR) to be paid. 29,84 EUR daily even in the case of the care level III.

In Frankfurt, the amounts are far higher. There I already 58,31 (38,86 + 19.45 EUR) in the maintenance stage due, which makes After all, 1.749 EUR a month. The to care even in the stage III, monthly 2.403,30 EUR at the nursing home should be to transfer. This is simply unsustainable with most pension entitlements. What happens if I can not bear the costs? Then assets are first used to raise the cost of maintaining.

These can include a House, jewelry or other cash / equity assets. This is then to exploit. Thus the appropriate and perhaps the children intended to legacy also decreases. Also, the claims of the children should be tested. Under certain circumstances, these are indeed responsible for dependent parents. Only when all these possibilities have been exhausted, demands for social services are possible. This then provides a corresponding surcharge at the nursing home. However, even just a little pocket money remains the care for themselves, the rest “is” what for the maintenance on it you can do about it? Hedges as a supplement to the statutory Care insurance are possible in different ways. In my blog post “Maintenance costs or maintenance allowance” I’ve already presented two of these possibilities you. But be careful: especially in the small-print hide the differences. Or did you think that there are no claims some providers at long-term care with dementia? Aubrey just need a permanent care. In the coming weeks and months, some providers will revise their conditions to the long-term care supplement insurance or bring new products on the market. Do thoughts alone to the cost, the need for hedging and other criteria. Talk through the various products, solutions, and opportunities to your advisor, then decide in peace and quiet. Think also to your parents. They have a corresponding product for hedging? For existing homes, which maybe long are family-owned, it makes to protect this sense as an insurance policy against the exploitation.