the Georg Activator or the modified Esmarch brace, side effects of the temporomandibular joint and muscle pain have been described more and more (13). With those in the room three-dimensional moving two rail systems be lamented much less Kiefergelenkssymptomatiken (14, 15). Therapy evaluation the value of a regular application of a Protrusionsschiene in mild to medium level with OSAS was confirmed in numerous comparative studies and meta-analyses (1, 3, 16, 17). The CPAP method in direct comparison is significantly more effective than the splint therapy (18-20) in patients with moderate to severe OSAS. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Steve Wozniak on most websites. The respiratory parameters are significantly improved with the rails and the sleepiness of the patients will be reduced. The clinical goal is the apnea/hypopnea index with the treatment to a value below 5/h or in some patients taking 10/h to adjust.

Also has been shown in a clinical study that both the diastolic and the systolic blood pressure in the day profile is clinically relevant significantly lowered in a continuous application of a Protrusionsschiene (21) the snoring noise is reduced in frequency and volume with a lower feed rate (22). A complete elimination of the snoring noise can be achieved with a lower jaw movement does not in all cases, especially in a location dependency of the snoring noise and anatomical abnormalities in the area of the nasal Airways, a Nasenseptumdeviation, enlarged posterior and the structural change of the pharyngeal mucous membranes. Of the patients, wearing the Rails at the beginning is assessed subjectively positively. This was determined with different questionnaires (23). For a successful therapy the rails are strictly according to the above indication to employ both central and obstructive events in patients outside the indication criteria, such as in severe OSAS, or REM sleep associated OSAS, is the therapeutic effect to estimate in advance (15). In these cases a printing is a polysomnographische control, ideally the Effect is displayed.