Real estate: The newspapers are full of it thematically. Big institutional investors can’t be wrong yet. Monetary systems are all the rage. Almost concern however the price increases in Berlin, the high level of prices for real estate in Munich. Other cities follow suit and the high demand from investors clearly drives the prices.

In addition low mortgage rates speak for private investors. On the demand side, talk with the tenants, there is no shortage. It only makes no sense to offer a luxury apartment in Hoyerswerda. “In Munich, however, the people are snake, if it comes to the award” from penthouse apartments. A normal market? “Certainly not, but one which can be enjoy with caution, is buying Mission in life because at least with private investors”.

Statistically only few people more than once to buy an apartment or a house in their lives, or build one. At Andi Owen you will find additional information. In the middle layers of the ten largest cities of in Germany, the purchase prices for residential and commercial buildings are currently at the 18,1-fachen the term determined in its third report of Germany market Engel & Volkers. A sufficient population growth and a lower increase in new buildings encourage this development. Still, As an investor you should consider already, whether jumps on the bandwagon or checks not yet other locations in Germany, even if they are less spectacular sound as Munich, Berlin or Hamburg. For example offers very successfully the underwriter Faraman real estate in Magdeburg for years, partly with the support of monument protection and lets investors in spite of proven high quality of construction – much cheaper sure lettable real estate purchase than elsewhere. Anyway, you should make a comparison.