“Use of plant remote monitoring via telemetry relieves operators of small sewage treatment plants, I’m completely thrilled.” praises Stefan M. Ecker village the telemetry module of of company of pohnl utp Umwelttechnik GmbH from Seybothenreuth. Three months the father of two family uses now the promising performance of the small wastewater treatment systems manufacturer. But what is actually behind this innovative and currently worldwide unique service module that meets with such great enthusiasm among many small wastewater treatment plant operators? The answer is ingenious and simple at the same time: using the telemetry module, small wastewater treatment systems can be fully remotely monitor and the operator do without the legally required checks of operators. To the point: for a low monthly fee of just six euros he can sit back and relax, without having to worry about anything. Because a professional round the clock support provides him the certainty that errors detected at an early stage on the plant and to promptly can be eliminated. In the case of a major defect, this enormous cost savings means for the operator.

The pohnl utp Umwelttechnik GmbH is ahead here in terms of know-how a decisive third-party and has received so far only German company by the DIBT Berlin for the remote monitoring of small wastewater treatment plants using telemetry official approval. But that’s not all: the utp service GmbH offers its customers about the pure performance of telemetry, with the full service maintenance agreement also a complete all-round carefree package. For a cost of less than 45 euros in the month the operators of plants Gets a possible troubleshooting by partners as well as an extended full warranty on the equipment until 16 inhabitant values the complete technical management including maintenance with sampling, operator controls, wear parts. And all in full ten years cost guarantee. It is financially more interesting for waste water purpose Association, village communities or also, maintenance companies on site. The utp extremely attractive discounts telemetry performance granted in contracts is then for just over two euros a month available, daily remote control for only 25 Euro per calendar year (at the end of class C”). The mentioned services are offered and officially approved up to the trace class + H”. Utilizing the unique telemetry solution requires the purchase of a corresponding hardware is to be expected when a new Klarofix small sewage treatment plant once manageable costs amounting to 235 euros. Individual foreign brands can be retrofitted if necessary, which is associated with a significantly higher cost. All in all means which offered telemetry performance also for decentralized water management GmbH one of the utp service decisive and important step in the direction of improved service reliability. The telemetry software has a special agency status for waste water purpose Association and water authorities and makes the proper operation of small sewage treatment plants within their jurisdiction in the future much cost and personalsparender.