In the postrimeria of the year 2007, was convened in Puerto Rico, in occasion of the second Forum of actors; the first Congress of security road in the Americas, where his host, the Minister of public works of the island, the engineer Carlos Gonzalez Miranda, summarized a report of positive developments in the fight against road violence was carried out in the same place. Several countries of the American continent and Europe gathered to learn about the general situation of road safety in the region. A diagnosis of the transit was presented at this meeting in Puerto Rico, where Mr. Governor Anibal Acevedo Vila expressed his jubilation through the Minister of public works, in terms of the achievements made in recent years in the field of road safety. The third Forum of actors of the security road Regional will be convened next year. Other interesting signs of concern in the region by the problems of high indicators of claims, the they constitute the reports drawn up by MERCOSUR and the Institute for security and education, Argentina road, the latter, which directs Eduardo Bertotti, these reports are qualified as interesting and valuable reference sources, reflecting deep concerns at the highest political levels. The Southern Cone countries that comprise this group have issued serious recommendations thereon after collect statistical data from the Americas, through its fourth report and second road accident in 2005; While in 2007, it gave rise to the fifth report and the third on road accidents. Finally, other interesting activities are organized by the National Federation of driving schools – FENAUTO – and the Ibero-American Congress on road safety – CISEV-.