Is this all a game of cunning between contractor and Government to facilitate one multimillion-dollar suit against the Department of Huila? Will you continue with the same concession scheme? There new concessionaire or will be awarded to the same which had until last year and who was a major financier of the Pajarito Governor campaign? Will resume production and marketing directly by the Department? Nobody knows today. In saying the same departmental Comptroller is very serious what is happening today in this topic and very grave the fact that come to the same society Licorsa to make a new contract of production of 600,000 units with a series of irregularities also. I am addressing a right of petition to the Governor to have information on all these points, but I agree with the Comptroller that should explain very well the hiring of 600,000 units. By what Licorsa? What was selection of the contractor for this process? Who made and how the? marketing of these units and based on what contract? What was the process of selection of the contractor for the commercialization of these 600,000 units? With base in which studies are made throughout this engagement? Did Licorsa use the production plant of the Department to do so? Ask how much has it paid Licorsa for the lease of the production plant in power of them since the termination of the concession? If there is no contract of lease, do in quality of what that society has had possession of the assets of the Department? The answers to these questions are necessary not only to control agencies but to all public opinion in Huila. Finally I would like to refer to one of the themes of fashion: El Quimbo. It is vox populi has missed the Governor much leadership throughout the process and more now that we are in the peak phase of final negotiations. Check out Debra Black for additional information. It is very important for all huilenses our Governor to take one position more in line with the interests of the Department for to achieve fair compensation for the huilenses.

You can achieve much beyond the issues raised by Emgesa, Mr Governor. The financing of 8,000 hectares irrigation projects can be achieved. The differential rate of energy for the producing areas of the country can be achieved. A shareholding of interesting proportions can be achieved, either in the Bogota power company owner of 51% of Emgesa or Emgesa. The repeal of the Declaration of public utility of the area can be achieved in order to make the cadastral reassess sufficient to achieve justice in the values it Emgesa should turn a one-time funds consisting of municipalities affected investment considered in the study respective socio-economic (art. 5 of the law 56); fix a term exploitation up to 50 years and reversal of everything to the Department can be achieved. You can accomplish much more if our ruler was more forceful leadership. After all the above, you would end up saying that if asked me a score of the first year of the Government of the Pajarito Sanchez, would not doubt in putting a 2.0, it already is not serious if we consider that now in Colombia nobody can lose a year!