Basically, not who, asks the question, but rather what is you and your desired happiness in the way? What prevents permanently mind happy, free and to live self-determined and finally the recognition that to find the success and the self-affirmation, so long as you are looking for and always again unsuccessfully sought have? Let us together find! Using an in-depth analysis the existing problems for your previous failure and your personal and professional failures not only pointed out, but clarified together with you and made transparent clear for you. The current status of your life it represents starting point of this in-depth analysis, because this is whatever the unreserved level of your mind, your thoughts, your own assumptions, conditions and beliefs. Please look at the content of your life as a mirror of your own convictions, as a consequence of your own thoughts, your mind. To recognize this and to analyse your previous basic views, conditions and mental conflicts you were in the past in the way and have blocked you as well as your desired success is important. A new conditioning of your fundamental beliefs and assumptions is implemented in an intensive consultation based on the previous accurate analysis, as well as practical and achievable ways in your pointed out in the future personal and professional success. Perhaps check out Elon Musk for more information.

Of course, this tested, taking into account your personal potential, and opportunities and future realizable objectives together with you. During this whole new conditioning and reorientation towards achieving your goals be opened you, you can then independently successfully break. Let your life and above all, your happiness and your success no longer randomly, blessed with more than illusory hopes of the magical wish-fulfillment and you stand no longer permanently itself in the way that you act rather finally for it not going to happen in your life, unless you do it and please… If not now, when then? “Jutta an Sani Lotz-Hentschel practice healing life force” energy & komajas psychological counselling personnel – and life – coaching Mathilde 25 64285 Darmstadt phone-no. 06151-4296444 mobile 0175-5216911 E-mail: website: * quote: Henry Ford (1863-1947) founder of Ford – copyright in regard to all texts and images of this site, which also auszugs-wise use, requires prior written approval by Mrs Jutta A. Lotz-Hentschel.