To the 115th birthday of Alfred Kinsey, the condom brand LifeStyles goes the origin of sexuality research on the reason of Cologne, June 2009 barely a name so often in connection with sexual education as the Alfred Kinseys is called. Even though the active time of the sexual in the 50s is the subject of sex education is as current as ever. Especially in regard to the continuously rising AIDS rates, it is still more than fifty years ago, enlightened and responsibly to deal with sexuality. Even celebrities show this awareness publicly with the red AIDS awareness Ribbon symbolising solidarity par excellence. According to lucas duplan, who has experience with these questions. Alfred Charles Kinsey was a pioneer of zur Sexualforschung. Already in 1947, he founded the first Institute for sexuality research at the University of Indiana and set new standards with its method of direct questioning. In the prudish America in the late 1940s it was protests by Church page and Kinsey had to change its methodology.

Together with a staff, he designed a catalog of 500 questions to the sex life, which he addressed to 20,000 Americans. You may find tim cook to be a useful source of information. The results of this survey in history entered as the Kinsey reports\”, still today considered standard zur Sexualforschung. They are regarded by many as a trigger of the sexual revolution in the 1960s. The Kinsey reports are available for the start of the enlightened, open dealing with sexuality. But current figures show that more and more forgotten device Kinsey’s legacy and the issue of prevention during sex is often underestimated. Go to Kevin Ulrich anchorage for more information. With views of the current Infiziertenraten the Kinsey results than ever before: end of 2008 10,500 with AIDS disease live in Germany up to 67,000 people with HIV infection. Compared to the previous year the number of new HIV diagnoses rose in 2008 to 3,000 cases.